have a bestie? I'm sure you do haha, mine is something special.

oh gosh, he'd hate this.

however, this is my blog and I really needed to go off.

When you ask your bestie to go on a photo walk...

Cody may be on of the more honest souls. Although it's in the form of a harsh truth most times, being around him is invaluable. It's the purest of times and idk I don't want to be too gushy-

He's the kind of honest and judgy that makes you want to tell him all your dirty deeds ><

He'll either justify or encourage the #badb!tch behavior.

I asked him on a photo walk, when I had a downtown assignment and he did the thing.

tbh Cody's been around for the hardest of my times and he's the first to rejoice in the blessings that come my way too.

He may bring some sass, but he's one of the most reliable people I've ever had the pleasure of being around. I'm grateful to grow old with him as my best friend.