Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of visiting the Flint Health Fair. It was hosted in the perfect little spot, Brush park, and was a perfectly overcast day. The fair featured activities for the family, yoga, and many great treats from local vendors.

I was super honored to be apart of the day and I'm crossing my fingers they make it annual (you should be crossing too)...

Visiting the Health Fair downtown was just what I was needing. As soon as I arrived the air was filled some of the best smells a nose could hope for- I don't know about you, but for me, food makes everything about 75% better.

When I arrived I stopped at each vendor, just to see what was going on. Not only was every person I talked with super kind, everyone seemed to be having such a great time, it was exciting just to be around.

The yoga demonstration I had the joy of viewing was the AcroYoga. The team was truly awesome. They moved like a well oiled clock and did things I could only dream of being graceful enough to do.

Once their performance was over, they beckoned the crowd.

Everyone was welcome to try AcroYoga with professionals and it was absolutely exciting. I'm not sure if I would have had the courage!

Everyone ended up being sooo impressive and it was a really unique touch to this free Flint community health event.

This even was brought to you by Elations Health. Jennifer is who brought me along and she was the sweetest person to work with. She was selling tea at her space and let me tell you, the Hair and Nails was absolutely a tasty green tea.

This was such a nice event to be apart of... maybe I start yoga??