Cocoa Beach- October, 8th 2021

A wedding like no other, the one being highlighted today is of Isabella and Izak. ♥

Isabella is my sister (the one I asked Santa for) and I was delighted to be such a part of her day. Our family, her lifelong friends and her family-to-be flew, drove and hiked (JK!) to get to the other side of the country to see a once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

As we arrived at the Ocean's Landings Resort to begin getting ready, a storm was imminent and the timeline was closing. Thoughts of good luck with rain were on everyone's lips.

Did you know it's still verrry warm in October, in Florida? SIGN ME UP. Heading from the front banquet center to the rooms reserved for the bridal party, there was a breeze on that hot day. Going up the stairs, I couldn't help but be filled with excitement as I began to see some of the bridesmaids I loved so much.

Room 201 was dim, but nice and surprisingly spacious! A view of the water, a private room, and kitchen set-up- the perfect place to get ready.

the dress...

As we wrapped up preparations, we headed outside and the clouds were impending, ready to roll and we knew we were cutting it close.

My sister ended up walking to the same song as I did when I eloped! I couldn't be more obsessed. Her version a beautiful one filled with lyrics, beautifully sung for Isabella to walk to Izak.

Everyone was running! From late flowergirls, and finding an alternate, to running through the ceremony and away to safety, it was fitting for Fools Rush In.

As the minister (aunt Shelly ♥) announced them wed, lightning struck and we ran. Photographers (there were 3!) lost equipment, everyone was soaked and filled with sand and then the dancing began.

a most unforgettable day for one of my favorite humans, the perfectly stormy wedding.